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Thanks for visiting International Hope Spiritual Center!International Hope Spiritual Center, and Pastor Mike Evans are strongly committed to serving God and the needs of you and your family, using very practical universal principles of spirituality, and religion. We offer practical tools for leading a more spiritual, joyous, self empowered, abundant, and peaceful life. 
We offer God inspired, spiritual healing, spiritual life coaching, and spiritual counseling services by phone or live in person at International Hope Spiritual Center! Wherever you may be on your spiritual life path, at International Hope Spiritual Center you will find a supportive community like staff with a wealth of opportunities for your personal, and spiritual healing, self development, and self empowerment regardless of your current personal gender, culture or religion worldwide!
We aspire to strengthen each person's confidence, success, and joy in living. We will immediately help you achieve, and live up to your Divine, God given life potential. Pastor Mike Evans is not only a top international, inspirational, and motivational speaker. Pastor Mike Evans is also a very successful Global Humanitarian, successful book author, community activist, Spiritual Life Coach, and Spiritual Healer Worldwide! Let him help you truly discover your full potential in God by calling us today!
We warmly invite you to Call Us Now (212) 201-0526 to use any of our spiritual, and metaphysical products, and international services today! Begin allowing God into your life through our various programs and global community outreach efforts.
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